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Photography: Thom Stewart


Think you can't do your own makeup? WRONG! You absolutely can, and I promise it's not as hard as you think. The thing is, no one ever really teaches you to do your own makeup. You just start down a path, find a look that works and stick with it, or maybe you don't bother at all because you feel like you don't know what to do. So if you have a drawer full of products that are going unloved, then this is for you!

Private lessons are relaxed and fun! During the lesson, we'll go through a variety of simple techniques that will help you to not only level up your skills but also make you much more confident with applying your own makeup. The lesson will be tailored specifically to you - your face shape, what looks you'd like achieve (something very simple and fresh or deeper and smokey),  and we'll also cover things like knowing your skin type, what to look for when buying products (both at Priceline or more expensive brands) etc. We'll do an audit of the products you already own so you can learn to use what you've got, I can suggest some things for you and you can try products from my collection too.

Love the way you look, save money by buying the right products and feel great!


One-on-one private lesson (2hrs) - $300 + GST  

Lessons take place in Robertson. Classes are also available via Zoom.


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