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Your quote will be itemised so you can see exactly what everything is costing. I believe makeup is makeup regardless of if it’s for a wedding or an event so I don’t change a “wedding fee”.

All makeups include the application of temporary individual lashes which are extremely comfortable to wear and can be customised based on the look. Everyone you see on my website and Instagram feed are wearing them. I will apply these during your trial so you can experience their magic first hand! These are included for everyone having makeup.

Additional charges may apply for specialty makeup such as tattoo coverups. Please advise if you would like your quote updated to include something out of the ordinary.

VACCINATION STATUS - I'm happy to be a fully vaccinated vendor and will be continuing to get booster shots as recommended.

TRAVEL - As you can see from the gallery of places I’ve done weddings, I’m happy to travel to do your makeup! On these occasions all travel related expenses are to be paid for by the client and will be quoted as accurately as possible. This includes accommodation, flights, taxis etc. The travel fee will be shown in your itemised quote.


To secure your wedding date a non-refundable, non-transferrable booking fee is payable. This is because when I take your booking, I turn down other work for that date as the date is exclusively yours. The booking fee amount is shown on your quote. The date is not secured until this has been paid. Bookings are made on a first come, first served basis so please advise via email when you have made your deposit so I can confirm your booking.



Please see conditions on page 2 of your quote.


SKINCARE – Please ensure you’re taking good care of your skin prior to your wedding. Makeup will look nicer and stay much longer on hydrated and healthy skin. If possible I would recommend having one facial per month, 3 months prior to the wedding to ensure your skin is looking it’s best and therefore providing a lovely, smooth base for makeup application. I am happy to discuss skincare with you during your trial.


SCHEDULE –  You will be supplied with a draft schedule along with your quote. Touch ups will be provided for the bridal party at the end of the schedule to ensure everyone is looking fresh and fabulous before you leave.
For larger bridal parties, if you would like a second makeup artist to condense the schedule this can be arranged. Additional artists may attract a further fee dependent on the number of people & if  travel is required.


EYELASHES/LIFTS/EXTENSIONS – The cost of the makeup includes the application of temporary individual lashes however should you with to get lash extensions prior to your wedding these are a great way to keep your lashes for more than one day. Some brides prefer this if they have other things on around the wedding such as a dinner the night prior, recovery party or are heading off on their honeymoon. PLEASE DO NOT GET A LASH LIFT if you would like me to apply lashes on the day. Unfortunately due to the angle that the lashes are curled up to during the lift, this makes it near impossible to get additional lashes to sit on top and look nice.

SPRAY TANS - If you are intending on having a spray tan for your wedding I would recommend trialing the tan (if you aren’t a regular tanner) prior to the date. If possible, teaming this with your bridal trial will give you the most accurate idea of the look on the day. Of course, I can adjust the look to whatever shade you are on the day, it’s more for your reference. If you do get a spray tan, 2 days prior is ideal and also have them do a light spray of your face. This is the best way to ensure the undertones of your face aren’t different to your body.



PARKING - Where on street unmetered parking is not available parking must  be arranged and/or payed for by the client.

SKIN PREP - I will prep your skin prior to makeup application but I suggest a light exfoliation the evening prior. In the morning, cleanse and apply a light moisturiser. No sunscreens please as this can cause flashback in photos resulting in that "ghost face" look.


SET UP - Access to a table and natural light is required so that I can set up. I will bring my makeup chair on the day.

SCHEDULE - I will follow the timings outlined in the schedule to ensure there is no rushing and stress on the day, allowing plenty of time for whatever might pop up like the arrival of flowers etc. I want you to be able to enjoy every moment of being pampered!

TOUCH UPS - Before I leave I will do a touch up of everyones makeup so you’re all fresh before you leave. I will leave a small touch up tube with an applicator of each persons lip colour to use during the evening. I also have blotting sheets for people who may get oily but many like to also pack a translucent powder in their bag. I can advise you on some powder options if you’d like to purchase one in the lead up to the wedding.

CHANGES - The schedule is based on the amount of people to have makeup. Should someone decide on the day that they no longer require makeup a refund will not be possible as the cost per person not only covers product but also my time. Changes are permitted up until the day prior and the schedule will be adjusted accordingly. (Minimum numbers still apply.)

SOCIAL MEDIA - I love to share our beautiful brides and bridal parties with my followers (after the wedding day of course, no spoilers!). Please advise if you don’t not wish for your image to be used.

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